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Dennis Nevin


Induction Ceremonies

September 21, 2019

Hesston, KS

It’s always great to have someone who is available to help in a variety of situations when in need.  It is also great to have someone who has the abilities to fulfill the need of the request.  Both of these volunteer scenarios, in the state of Kansas and in the Kansas Babe Ruth District five, fit the abilities of Dennis Nevin.

Dennis Nevin and his wife, Gloria, resided in rural Parsons.  Dennis, a retired educator, held the titles of Assistant State Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner.  Dennis dedicated over 30 years of his life to working within the Kansas Babe Ruth Baseball program.  He filled the positions of umpire and umpire scheduler, local league grounds keeper, president of the Parsons Babe Ruth League, and assistant commissioner roles.  Since 1987, there has never been a time that Dennis didn’t have a hand in helping develop and promote the Babe Ruth program. 

Dennis worked with District Commissioner Daryl Spear to build the District five program to new heights over the past decade.  Willing to help run district and state tournaments, set up interleague scheduling meetings, and work at it 12 months a year were Dennis’ strengths.  “He did all of this with enthusiasm and integrity”, states Daryl.  If there is anything going on that has to do with Babe Ruth Baseball, Dennis was present.

As an assistant commissioner overseeing district and state tournaments, Dennis thoroughly enjoyed visiting and talking to parents, coaches and players.  He loved the interaction he had  with the players and many of them an/or their parents have made very complimentary comments about those interactions.  Many times parents and grandparents would tell him about his impact on their sons and grandsons as it pertains to building character and promoting sportsmanship.

“I have always believed that Babe Ruth Baseball is the very best baseball program in the United States.  I have always had a passion to be involved with our youth, and baseball is how I keep in touch with the youth of today.” said Dennis.

Included in Dennis’ work history outside of baseball were his many years as an engineer with the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad.  He was also a teacher of Algebra and coached high school sports for many years.


Interesting facts about Dennis:

  • Involved in the local 4-H program including a 10 year stint on the county 4-H board
  • Coached high school basketball, softball, baseball, football and soccer
  • Was on the coaching staff of the 2006 girls basketball state champions at Iola High School
  • Was honored for “the quickest to 100 wins” in girls basketball in 2002 at Thayer High School
  • Managed teams in the Kansas Babe Ruth Classic four years
  • Hobbies included golf, going to the casinos, and of course, baseball

Dennis and Gloria have two daughters, Hallie Slavens and Jessica Nevins.  They have three grandchildren.

The Kansas Babe Ruth Hall of Fame is reserved for individuals who display great personal strength, honesty, integrity, tireless devotion, enthusiasm, a love for the game and put the interest of others first.  For these reasons, it is with great pride and pleasure that Kansas Babe Ruth Leagues awards the coveted Kansas Babe Ruth Hall of Fame Award to one o four own.  Honoring men and women for their service in the Kansas Babe Ruth Leagues, the Kansas Babe Ruth Hall of Ame now includes the name of Dennis Nevin.

Dennis passed away on November 19, 2022 after a brief illness.

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