Gregg Dick

Induction Ceremonies

September 21, 2019

Hesston, KS

When it comes to being dedicated to a cause, you think of Gregg Dick.  When one commits and agrees to fill a volunteer position you want someone who goes beyond the call of duty and works untiringly to advance the cause.  That fits Gregg’s character as well. And Gregg has a passion for youth baseball.

Gregg grew up in the Moundridge community, attended the Moundridge public schools and learned at a young age the value of commitment.  As Gregg advanced through school he could be counted upon to lend a helping hand in a variety of activities.  Gregg began his involvement in baseball at age ten and developed his playing skills as he participated in recreation ball and Babe Ruth Baseball.  When the local baseball playing options came to an end, Gregg immediately volunteered to coach and continue learning the game.  Over the next 38 years Gregg has assisted and managed the Moundridge 13-15 Babe Ruth team.

When post season tournament play rolls around, Gregg is ready and willing to coach the league all-star teams.  Over the years he has managed and assisted many all-star teams to successes that many didn’t think possible.  But because of his dedication to teaching and melding players from other teams together, Gregg’s teams were successful.  You always knew his teams would be champions both on and off the field.  Character development and sportsmanship are what Gregg teams are known for and are now an expected component.

Of course a well-rounded individual doesn’t limit his involvement to sports but becomes involved in other community endeavors.  Gregg is heavily involved in his church’s music program.  Music is special to Gregg as he is an accomplished pianist and has used his music talents to accompany singing groups and also use his leadership abilities to direct the church vocal choir and bell choir.  Gregg’s community involvement doesn’t end here; he is serving his fifth term as a member of the North Newton City Council.

In Gregg’s professional career he has held several positions in the financial departments of several companies.  He currently is employed at Bethel College as the College’s controller.  He has held that position for the past 20 years.  In addition to his 8-5 job, Gregg is the varsity men’s golf coach.  Over the years Gregg has also assisted as coach of the ladies’ basketball team.

Ten years ago, Gregg began his work as the Kansas Babe Ruth Leagues state treasurer, handling the finances of both the Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Baseball League programs.  Gregg has also served as a state tournament director (2009) and regional director (2000).

All of the involvement may make a person believe that it’s all serious work and no play.  Gregg has made his mark as a successful coach but has also developed many friendships because of his determination to make the game of choice a lot of fun in which to participate.  His baseball teams take an annual trip to Kansas City to watch the Royals and also play games with teams from around the state to add variety to the program.  He also had apart in creating and producing baseball cards for several years for the players on the teams he coached.  He also compiles team statistics every year and produces a team player booklet.  Annual golf trips to promote the sport of golf have been an integral part of his college golf team.

Traveling to watch and volunteer at major professional golf tournaments is on Gregg’s hobby list.  One such trip was in 2019 as he worked the US Open at Pebble Beach.  He takes an annual golf trip to Belle Vista, AR.

“There is such an important place in this world for youth sports.  Next to my family and church, Babe Ruth Baseball has been the most dependable part of my life”, said Gregg.  “I can’t imagine what my life would have been without it.  The relationships I have formed, memories created, and the growth and changes I have seen in various players through the years, is what has kept me coming back for 40 years.  Great memories stay with all of us our entire life.”

Gregg is the son of Dale and Dorothy Dick.  He as a sister, DeAnn and a brother, Kent.

The Kansas Babe Ruth Hall of Fame is reserved for individuals who display great personal strength, honesty, integrity, tireless devotion, enthusiasm, a love for the game, and put the interest of others first.  For these reasons, it is with great pride and pleasure that Kansas Babe Ruth Leagues awards the coveted Kansas Babe Ruth Hall of Fame Award to one of our own.  Honoring men and women for their service in Kansas Babe Ruth Leagues, the Kansas Babe Ruth Hall of Fame now includes the name of Gregg Dick.

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